Android app

This application is a free android client for real time vehicle/fleet/asset and valuables tracking, if you have an account on then only you would be able to use this.

Android App Login Screen


Here are some excellent features of our android app.
  1. Faster, Secure and Easier
  2. Support more devices in device list, which are loaded dynamically.
  3. Sorting the device list on multiple fields.
  4. Filtering/Searching of devices on server level, which gives better performance on large device list.
  5. Screen rotation is enabled on certain activities.
  6. Realtime tracking on Map.
  7. Uses compressed data, which enables better usability in bad data connectivity environment.
  8. Auto refresh on different activity.

How to install

It is too simple to install our app on your android phone. Just go to and search for JagenTrac.

Link to APP:

Image How to install

You will find the application, install it and use it.

Configuring and using

The android app is very easy to use. After installing it you have to configure the address.

On first time installation it shows the address you have to change it to then you will be able to use our app.

After configuring fill your login credentials same as given to you for web platform then click on login button. Now, you will be able to track all of your devices.

You will be able use the same Customer A/C as you have on the Website and once you login you need not to fill in the credentials for login again until you voluntarily log out, this gives ease of use to non tech savvy users.

Note: If you are logged-in your A/C and your device gets stolen contact the Track2Run Emergency support, and request them to terminate your session with the device, to save disclosure of highly confidential data.

Some of the glance at the Application activity screens are given in the following sections.

Locating on Map

As shown in figures you can track your vehicle on map as well. On map you will get the current track for the moving vehicle.


As you can see in the figure you can change setting for your convenience.

You can change:
  1. Map Refresh Interval
  2. Device Information Refresh Interval
  3. Device List Refresh Interval
  4. Date Time Format
  5. Number Format
  6. Latitude and Longitude Format