Customer Management

A customer the user/liveware of web application who want to consume the services of the application by using it over mobile phones, mobile apps, desktops, laptops or simply using SMS/Email. Customer has following attributes:

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Attribute Explanation Type
Login Name Unique name, which will be used as user identifier (user-id) can be maximum upto 32 chars long, and all characters are allowed. Customer are advised to use small letter (lowercase) alpha number login name Example: smita, ranjan, jaipur-distributor Required
Password Is authentication token used along with login name to authenticate the customers identity, can be maximum upto 128 chars long, and all characters are allowed. Customers must choose a strong password more than 10 chars, using symbols number and alphabets together. Example: jacKie@36^4, rose4U73 Required
Name A text caption which will be displayed in place of login name where uniqueness is not a concern and readability is, can be maximum upto 32 chars, and all characters allowed. Customer are advised to use only Alphabets in Title case to reflect a readable name. Example: Smita Mukherjee, Sonu Kumar, Jaipur Ford etc. Required
Display Picture An image could be uploaded here which will be used a display picture in association with a Customer account usually visible in a dropdown below Name. Customer are advised to upload a 128px X 128px JPG/JPEG logo/image to best results. Optional
Address A text representing Street, House number etc portions of address, which could be used when required, can be maximum upto 124 chars long, and all characters are allowed. Example: T-⅘ Rajni nagar, East delhi etc Optional
City A text representing the City of the Customer, can be maximum upto 32 chars long, and all characters are allowed. Example: Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore etc Optional
Phone Number A 10 digit number representing mobile number of the customer. Example: 9968132456 etc. Note: If customer would like they may add Country code, and STD code along with your mobile number eg. 919968132456, 09968132456 etc. Optional
Email Address A text representing the email address of the customer, can accommodate a maximum upto 124 chars. Example: etc. Required
Alert type Customer can opt for what are kind of alerts they would like to receive, it could be 1. Auto - Automatically detect 2. SMS - Use only SMS 3. Email - Use only Email 4. Both - Use both SMS/Email Customer are advised to leave to its default value which is Auto, if they do not have much understanding of the system. Required
Role Defines the role of a customer, depending on role the customer account and permissions will be granted by default the system is shipped with 3 inbuilt roles: 1. Administrator - Have all the rights 2. Distributor - below administrator can manage customer. 3. User - End user profile, will have only permission to check reports of his/her devices and monitor them. Discussed in detail in profile management section. Required
Parent Defines the parent of the Customer, ie under which Customer does this customer falls, all customer must have a father, this enables tree like structure for easier management. Required
Valid Till Defines a date until which the Customer will be able to consume the services, it needs to manually updated every time you wish to increase. Required

Adding Customer

Adding customer is a fairly simple task divided into three different sections, the steps to add/register a new customer to the system is as follows:

  1. Open Customer registration page: Follow the menu as Management > Add Customer
  1. Filling up the details: Customer details are divided into three sub-sections which are Access Details, Personal Details, and Configuration which should be filled up as show.
../_images/filling_detail_addcustomer.png ../_images/personal_detail_addcustomer.png ../_images/configuration_addcutomer.png
  1. Submitting the data: to submit the data click on the finish button available at the right hand side bottom corner, after you ensure all the data filled in is correct.
  1. Registration completed: once you click on finish button the system will perform the data validation strongly and if everything is good the customer will be registered and a success message will be displayed

Listing Customer

List of all the customers can be fetched in a very easy to use and handy way. Only the customer whose parent either you or some other customer in turn whose parent is you, will be visible in this list.


Modify Customer

Customer details can be modified by operation column.

  1. View
  2. Edit details
  3. Remove

When you click on edit details the window opens as shown below.


You can change the values you want and update on clicking update button. All the details has been modified from the edit customer panel.

Delete Customer

You can easily remove the Customer from the list of customers by clicking on remove icon as shown in following figure.

  1. Open Customer List Page: Management > List Customer
  1. Locate/Search the Customer you want to delete then click on “Red” Button in the “Operations” columns against that Customer.
  1. A confirmation message will pop up as shown below, click on “OK” button to confirm the deletion.

Restore Deleted Customer

In our system a Customer never gets deleted, it just can be suspended for an infinite period of time, once you are sure you want that Customer activated again you can restore it back very easily as shown below.

  1. Open Customer List Page: Management > List Customer
  1. Search/Locate the Deleted Customer in Customer List then Click on the “Green” button in “Operations” columns against that Customer.
  1. A Confirmation Message will be displayed, click on “OK” button to confirm the Restoration of Customer A/C.