Device Management

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Attribute Explanation Type
IMEI of device or the number which you have been set to the device through number command.
Example: for TK103 it should be of 12 digit,001234567890 Here 01234567890 is 11 digit number set to the device.
Vehicle Name
Name or Number of vehicle by which user would be able to identify their vehicles easily on the platform.
Example: Tata Safari or DL 1 YD 7393
Price of the device.
Example: 5000, 10000 etc
Communication Protocol
Name of the protocol you are using. You can select the protocol directly from the list and you will be able to track your device.
Example: AVL, TK103, TK103 Door, TK103 Temperature, id03, GT06, HT02 etc.
Show Icon
Select icon for appropriate vehicle.
Example: Car, Bus, Truck, Bike etc.
IMSI/ Mobile Number
A 10 digit number representing mobile number of the sim card inserted to the device.
Example: 9968132456 etc.
Stock Status In stock status you can sell your device to one or more user at a time. It is the new feature of our new platform. Required
Owner List of users appear here. After selecting sold in stock status you can select one or more user from the list of user. Required
Tank Size
Defines the fuel tank size of vehicle. You have to fill only a numeric value. By default it is in litters.
Example: 50 or 250.
Fuel Tank Type It is the most important part for getting accurate fuel data. It shows the fuel tank type Zero and Scalar by default. It also shows the tank type registered by the user on Add Tank Type in Utilites. Required
Max Speed(for alert)
You select a max speed for the vehicle for overspeed alert. You have to fill only a numeric value. By default it is in km/hr.
Example: 70 or 80.
Max Temp(For alert)
You select a max temp for the vehicle for alert. You have to fill only a numeric value. By default it is in °C.
Example: 30 or 40.
Min Fuel(for alert)
You select a min fuel value for the vehicle for alert. You have to fill only a numeric value. By default it is in litters.
Example: 10 or 20 depends on fuel tank size.

Adding device

Adding Device is a fairly simple task divided into four different sections, the steps to add/register a new device to the system is as follows:

  1. Open Device registration page: Follow the menu as Managment > Add Device
  1. Filling up the details: Device details are divided into four sub-sections which are Device Details, Insurance Details, Driver Details and Contract Details which should be filled up as show.

Other sections are to be filled as customer requirements. a. Insurance details b. Driver details c. Contract details

  1. Submitting the data: to submit the data click on the finish button available at the right hand side bottom corner, after you ensure all the data filled in is correct.
  1. Registration completed: once you click on finish button the system will perform the data validation strongly and if everything is good, the device will be registered and a success message will be displayed

Listing device

List of all the device can be fetched in a very easy to use and handy way. Only the devices whose parent either you or some other customer in turn whose parent is you, will be visible in this list.


Modifying device details

Device details can be modified by operation column.


As shown if fig. in operation column there are three controls. 1. View 2. Edit details 3. Remove When you click on edit details the window opens as shown below.


You can change the values you want and update on clicking update button. All the details has been modified from the edit device panel.

Deleting device

  1. Open Device List Page: Management > List Device
  1. Locate/Search the Device you want to delete then click on “Red” Button in the “Operations” columns against that device.
  1. A confirmation message will pop up as shown below, click on “OK” button to confirm the deletion.

Restoring Deleted device

In our system a Device never gets deleted, it just can be suspended for an infinite period of time, once you are sure you want that Device activated again you can restore it back very easily as shown below.

  1. Open Device List Page: Management > List Device
  1. Search/Locate the Deleted Device in Device List then Click on the “Green” button in “Operations” columns against that Device.
  1. A Confirmation Message will be displayed, click on “OK” button to confirm the Restoration of Device.