Realtime View

A customer the user/liveware of web application who want to consume the services of the application by using it over mobile phones, mobile apps, desktops, laptops or simply using SMS/Email. Customer has following attributes:


As you can see in above figure in Real time there are two options. 1. Tabular 2. Map

Text form - Tabular

All the devices are shown in tabular form. Status of power, ignition, gps and speed of vehicle is shown.


On Map

Map contains four types of map. 1. Google Map 2. Bing Map 3. Yahoo Map 4. Open street


There is auto refresh facility on every map. As you can see in above figure it is 10 second, 30 second, 1 minute, 2 minute or 5 minute.

Monitoring multiple devices

On map the left side of screen shows the tree type structure of customers and the devices assigned to them. If you want to see one device on map then you have to check the particular device or you can check more than one device for viewing multiple devices on map.


You can see some controls on above figure. Those are, 1. View checked device or devices on map. 2. Expand tree. 3. Shrink tree. 4. Uncheck checked devices 5. Tracking a moving device in real time.

Tracking a single device movement

For tracking a single device movement first we have to select that device (select not check) after that click on the icon number 5 as explained above. After selecting as you can see in the figure all the current details of vehicle are shown on the left side of the screen bellow the tree. For viewing this detail you have to shrink the tree on clicking on icon number 3 as explained above.


On right side of screen you can see the vehicle with direction on map. After each auto refresh the vehicle shows tail behind it. See the figure below.